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Everything you need to launch the ultimate Pocket Personal Trainer®.

Develop a high performance fitness app for your online fitness business. 

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Interactive Workouts

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Progress Tracker

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Personalised Nutrition

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Workout Builder

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Exercise Videos

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Customer Accounts

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Weight Logger

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Rest Timer

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Push Notifications

Interactive Pocket Personal Trainer®

We have developed all the in-app features you need to create an industry leading fitness app. 

Users can follow your fitness plans interactively with exercise videos, text descriptions, weight logs and rest timers.

Personalised nutrition.

We know nutrition is an important part of any plan, so we have dedicated an entire section to it in your app.

Your app app will calculate the users daily calories and macros based on their personal profile. You can assign calorie deficit/surplus amounts, macro splits and number of meals.

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Your subscription business model.

Just like Netflix, Spotify and many other apps, users will pay a monthly or yearly subscription to access your content. 

This model means you earn a long term recurring income, increase retention and your business is built for scale. 


You have the freedom to make your app unique. The Hype Burst dashboard allows you to set your app name, your app icon and manage all of your in-app content and media at the push of a button.  

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Workout creator.

The Hype Burst dashboard is designed in a super easy and user friendly way to create workouts and add them to your plans.

As you upload content to the dashboard, your app will update in real time!

Push notifications.

Connect with your users in real time with push notifications that appear directly on the users phone. 

Create messages with ease on the Hype Burst dashboard to send updates, motivation and promotions that will drive people directly into your app. 

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Customer accounts.

Personalise the Pocket Personal Trainer® 
experience for your users with their own dashboard in the app to view key information and track their progress.

You can view all of your users accounts on the Hype Burst dashboard. 

I am ready for the digital future of fitness. 

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