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Making cutting edge fitness app software available for every business.

Hype Burst was born in Manchester, UK, to solve a problem that is close to our heart as a team of fitness enthusiasts. For Founder Zack Choudhry, a pioneer in the fitness tech world, the mission was clear. A simple solution to bring fitness plans into the digital world.

Having successfully launched one of the first fitness apps back in 2016 reaching top charts, millions of users and attracting significant investment, Zack wanted to create a solution for other fitness entrepreneurs and businesses to avoid the costs, time and stress involved in the business of fitness apps without compromising on professionalism. 
Hype Burst are making cutting edge fitness tech available for every single business worldwide, no matter the size, budget or tech knowledge. 

Hype Burst team will help you to build your fitness app

Our team are your team.

We are here to ensure success in every aspect of your business. 

We live by our core values.

Hype Burst team are passionate about fitness

Tech nerds who lift. 

Health and fitness is central to everything we do. As fitness enthusiasts ourselves, we know exactly what our customers and end-users need for success. 

There's always a way (or two).

We are yes people who love a challenge. Our driven approach means we find multiple solutions to any problem to take the best course of action. 

Hype Burst team like to solve problems and always find a way
Hype Burst respect all fitness app customers from small to large

Nobody is left in the shadow. 

Starting out as a small tech start up in a big world, we know first hand the difficulties businesses and founders face. To us, everyone is important and we want to help our customers achieve their dreams with confidence. 

Stay ahead of the game. 

We are pioneers in the fitness tech world. Constant development and networking allows our agile team to stay ahead in a competitive industry. This approach means we are ready for the future and evolution of Hype Burst. 

Hype Burst is a leading fitness app software

Creating the future of digital health and fitness


Trusted by professional athletes, influencers and fitness brands worldwide to provide industry leading fitness apps for their brand. 


The future is digital. The Hype Burst software pushes boundaries and adapts to ensure cutting edge technology for our clients with no tech knowledge required.


Our successes are your successes. Our business development, digital marketing, and creative professionals are on hand to support your digital business. 

Anthony Crolla trusts Hype Burst software
Green Stripe.png

Anthony Crolla

World Champion Boxer



We are always on the look out for exceptional people to join us on our mission. Check out our available positions or get in touch if you dont see the job that suits you but feel you can add something special to our team. 

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